End-to-End Technology Services.

A company that understands you, your business needs, and the goals you want to accomplish.

We are your preferred Texas telecommunications broker, connecting you with the suppliers you need to get you the prices you want.

We are proud to be HUB certified.

1Touch Communications | High-bandwidth networks

Fiber Services

High-bandwidth networks and large fiber optic networks require best-in-class solutions. At 1 Touch Communications, we are proud to introduce you to only the best in the business.

1Touch Communications | High speed Ethernet

Infrastructure Cabling

Infrastructure cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system. No matter how complex, we will design and construct everything to meet  your current and future requirements.


1Touch Communications | UCASS


Pay only for the capacity you need and enjoy high-speed connectivity over a variety of bandwidths. That way, you can enjoy uninterrupted traffic at an affordable price.

1Touch Communications | Security


Network threats seem to be increasing in frequency, complexity, and variation. Luckily, we can help you avoid security threats so that you can focus on running your business.

1Touch Communications | Monitor network and application performance


Ensure you can monitor network and application performance at any point in the network with access to internal applications in a fast, simple, and reliable way.

1Touch Communications | MPLS


Optimize communications and improve employee collaboration with state-of-the-art voice, fax, text, call handling, and mobile apps, all while streamlining your processes.

1Touch Communications | Data Center

Data Center

Whether your data and applications are on site or remote, we’ll maintain the infrastructure that will keep it secure and stable without the costs of building and managing your own data center.

1Touch Communications | High-bandwidth networks

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services help you enjoy better quality of services (QOS), high-level voice and video performance, and prioritized traffic management with a fully meshed network.

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