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The Best Option for Business Telecom, Network and Cyber Security Services

1Touch Communications has over 40 years of combined telecom and cyber security experience to help your business deploy the latest technology while also improving cost efficiency. By partnering with experts in every facet of telecom and cyber security we are able to build a comprehensive and strategic communications plan.

Our team works intimately with the top Fiber, SD-WAN, Security, UCaaS/CCaaS, Data Centers, and Cloud Service Providers across the planet. We ensure all clients are provided with the best services and best cost of service at all times. By leveraging our team clients can focus on what they do best and leave the Telecom to us!


Delivering quality products and services starts with the right tools, but we know not everyone has a computer science degree. From the first installation to your ongoing operations, 1Touch Communications will be with you every step of the way!


Meet Our Team

We are incredibly proud of our software and hardware solutions, but the real heart of 1Touch Communications is our experience and passionate team.

Gabe Rodriguez (Co-Founder)

After years of working with large cable providers like Time Warner Cable Business Class, Century Link and Logix Fiber Networks, Gabe grew dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all solutions that big telecom companies offered businesses and decided he wanted to do something different. Now, Gabe is leveraging his years of experience and industry connections to provide business owners with the digital solutions they need.

Jeremy Litzner (Co-Founder)

As CTO of 1Touch Communications, Jeremy is the person that you will work with to quote bids, configure your network, and manage your project to completion on time and within budget. Jeremy is an experienced and skilled IT Professional with expertise in network administration, on-site logistics, management, and sales. Jeremy’s passion lies with people management and network configurations. His network setups are a work of art. Jeremy takes the time and precision needed to complete the job correctly, and it shows. He brings with him many happy clients and referrals from past clients’ experience. Jeremy is a family man and an Army veteran. He’s been married nearly 20 years and has 2 children. His military service prepared him for this role by instilling the need for timeliness and attention to detail.

John Forwood (Co-Founder)

John is the operations genius here at 1Touch, and one of the driving forces behind our team and our clients’ growth. John has years of experience in installing and managing internet and phone services all over Texas. Whether it’s large legacy companies or first-time businesses, John is ready to connect their company and their services to the rest of the world.

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